A deeper physical and emotional clearing than the Yoni massage.  The intention is one beyond pleasure but healing and breaking down of energetic blockages in and around your yoni.  This is a deep dive into your soul and can bring up many triggers and emotional trauma stored in the body. 

Together we navigate these with emotional release tools, aspecting, breathwork, sounding, dance and various other forms of trauma release. Women chose this option when they have a deep desire to break through the patterns and limiting beliefs holding them back from full embracing all of themselves and living their best life. 

When living as they have been told to live is no longer an option.  When past traumas are haunting and infusing their current experience of life and they know there just has to be a better way.  When they are finished with the story around sex they have been running.  This session can include many other modalities of emotional release and comes with after session practices to continue to deepen the healing.

120 minutes session $350

Curious if that will work for you?