“Life begins where fear ends.”
― Osho

Why Work With Daniella

My journey in tantra sexuality, self love discovery and exploration started only 4 years ago at the end of devastating divorce.  My ability to clearly remember the ‘before’ doing this work feelings in my body is part of why I can draw people so quickly out of it.  I can see through all the hang ups and hold backs clearly and know hidden limits that can be deeply held and hidden.  We work under through the surface story to clear limiting beliefs that you may not even know are derailing you.  My passion is  sharing my lessons in sexual empowerment by one-on-one self love life coaching sessions and workshops in the Durham Region, Toronto, and now online.   

Daniella Hines

daniella hines tantra for women

Althougth all my trainings like Reiki master, 300 hour yoga teacher training, laughter yoga, play a role in how I coach my seekers, my sacred sexuality and feminine embodiment practices, along with my coaching certification, are the base and what you will see come up most in my approach.

My first meditation of knowing. 

I shed my story around my fat ugly body that no one but my husband was supposed to see for the rest of my life…  and found Sexual pleasure… once I stopped faking it to try to boost him up to think he was the most amazing lover. My inner rescuer took a lot of time to let go of fully, even now I can see it, but I recognize it for what it is and stear clear.  

daniella hines self love coach

The people pleaser in me next levelled for a little bit trying to wrangle a white (or black J) knight to save me from having to rebuild myself, I just wanted to move into some new life, some new love and get back to the comfortable.  Thank god I started to listen to myself and begin to hear the whisper of my inner knowing….

Once I found my pleasure and had a sexual awakening in 2019, everything changed with the guidance of amazing teachers in many trainings with the International school of temple arts. 

I felt my call so loud it pulled me around the world to Italy and Israel to seek the knowledge my soul was asking for.  I started the deep dark path into my soul, navigating my shadows in a dance of fight and avoid…. And then slowly to embrace myself fully even the things that once brought me deep shame.  This work never ends and I am so grateful to have the tools to navigate each wound and trigger. 

And now I work alongside men and women who chose to live bravely and want to learn to remain loyal to themselves first and love themselves fully.

My souls mission is to open hearts.  To give people a space to learn to see themselves fully and fall in love.

My previous life

I learned to heal my wounds though radial forgiveness and self love. To embrace all of me and to PUT MYSELF FIRST.  Against everything I was taught, letting go of the shame in being selfish and owning my life.  I stopped out sourcing my knowing and feeling it deep within me.  Once that settled in I was unstoppable.  No outside source could sway me from my path I finally felt in my body.  Then it was time to fuel the fire and build my confidence with amazing coaches like Uchechi and Sabrina, Jenny Mckee.  I have been so very blessed to see the value in coaching from early on and understanding that some shit you need to learn to navigate.

daniella hines tantra therapist

Want to feel like you can face anything?  AND THRIVE?

I offer free 30 minute discovery calls to see how learning to love yourself deeply, unconditionally will change your life.  Do you feel like an outsider? Disconnected from yourself or your partner? Are you overweight and feel like willpower is failing you?  Did you just go through a big transition and want to begin that new path feeling solid? Are you suffering from anxiety or depression? Have you never felt the power of your own orgasm? Or does it only happen when you are alone?  Do you want to unleash all that’s inside with confidence and run full force at life? Contact me today.