Clients choosing this package have often done some self work before, either through Yoga, therapy or sprititual practice.  They have just experienced a huge shift or transition in their lives and are deep in their story and just don’t know where to begin to start to rebuild or start again.  The only prerequisite to starting this program is a deep desire to live a different way to engage with the world from your truth… 

This package is a journey into self from the core of your fears and shames, we will go deep into your patterns to see your shadows and pull out your truths and learn to love and embrace yourself fully.  Starting from the very beginning and learning to know what yes and no feels like in your body, how to connect with all your inner knowing.  To clear the cobwebs and lies that are your limiting beliefs and examine them just enough to eliminate their charge and therefore power over you.  We will connect to your soul though meditation and self touch and begin the healing journey of reclaiming all parts of yourself. 

You will move your body and release those stuck energies within, access your anger, grief and shame and give it space to move through your body with love.  Each session with conclude with home play- what we do together is not work, it will be discovery through experimenting and play. You will be asked to step up and show up in your life to begin the important work of setting boundaries and remaining bravely loyal to yourself.  To journal or dance those experiences and feelings out of your body.

You will also have free access to the Goddess Vortex for 3 months free.

7*90 minute session-  $1999

Ideally completed within a 2-3 month period but there is no expiration, after one year prices may need adjustment.  100% payable in advance. Or 2 payments, before session 1 and 4. 10% discount on anyone body work service. Or any session can be replaced with body work for $100 flat uplevel fee.

Curious if that will work for you?