Closely following the Betty Dobson model of orgasm creation, seekers navigate their own bodies with coaching and breath guidance.  Exploring themselves through prompts and suggestions, mapping their own erogenous zones and trigger points.  Exploring the concepts in Betty Martin’s wheel of consent we practice self touch from each of the four quadrants, giving, receiving, taking and allowing. 

Slowing down time and generously giving themselves the unconditional love our bodies are so longing for.  Learning to listen to the body and energies and follow it to what is deeply desired and what is repulsed, begin to feel what a hell yes and a maybe or no look like in YOUR body.  Lean into your trust within, build your sense of safety and empowerment by owning your pleasure and releasing any partners from that responsibility.

These sessions can be life altering and change how you navigate the world around you.  Own your pleasure and begin to create the life you have only been wishing for.

120 minute session-  $350

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