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Sex magic manifesting is an ancient practise that was used to unite with a goddess. What a beautiful belief! Using pure female sexual energy to heal and manifest. As a sex magic ritual facilitator, working with women in the Durham region and online around the world, I have empowered women through sex magic rituals, by training them on how to access the power of their sexual energy. My services also include tantric bodywork, yoni massage, orgasm discovery and self love coaching. My approach is holistic and tailored to each client.

What is Sex Magic?

Sex magic rituals or Sex magick manifesting is becoming more and more openly practised around the world.  The sex magic ritual itself is not a complex one but ensuring the intentions and all other components are clear is the very important prep work and why sex magic is not recommended to be practised without training or assistance.

Sex magic can include many different ritual components that hold meaning to the manifester.  They often include sacred washing, candles, smudging, mantras, toning, essential oils, music, an altar, guides/angel calling, dance, crystals, nesting, pleasure tools, journals.  Each part of the ritual is used to raise the vibration and elevate the energetic opening and arousal.  Clearing the intentions and energetic field to drop into union with the universe (source, god, whatever name you chose). It is a powerful practice when approached alone or in union with another soul.    Couple practices can include fertility rituals, sacred soul union, mutual worship rituals. 

How does Sex Magic Work

Sex magic is the harnessing or your vital sexual energy and directing that energy powerfully towards your desires.  Sex magic manifesting is used to attract your abundance, in whatever form you desire.  It is exceptionally powerful and pulling in love, money, healing, connections, and just upleveling your vibration.  It can also be used to connect to source (universe, god whatever name you feel).  Tantric communities will come together in ritual and create a massive energy surge to offer to source as a way to give back to the earth or co-create an intention. 

The bases of sex magic manifesting is directing the energy of arousal, playfulness and creativity,(created through touch and micro-movements, pleasure and even orgasm) towards whatever you want to pull into your life or offer to the planet. Your sexual energy is pure life force.  As you feel all of your joy and ecstasy it’s the perfect carrier for your visions, your hopes, and your dreams. 

My journey with Sex magic has completely changed how I move in the world.  I practice primarily with a Yoni egg and used this magic to heal my trauma around everything from mother wounding to sexual opening and falling in love with my body.

Sex Magic Manifesting Process

In the first two sessions we begin by creating intentions and working through my manifestation equation. 

sex magic manifesting

Within the sex magic manifestation equation we focus on discovering and clearing limiting beliefs that will keep you from the intended outcome. Clarifying actions that will need to accompany the magic, including recognized habits and personal sabotage patterns that may affect your desires.

In the third session we create the sex magic ritual that will bring your desired magic into your life. Clarifying every detail of your intention and creating a container to begin to engage your body’s magic.

Together will be fine tune your intentions and explore any limiting beliefs you may hold around this desire.  We will create a ritual from many possible options to call in whatever your soul is craving. Learn to build your sexual fire though breath and self-touch.  From new jobs to a new partner sex magic has served me over and over to call in the life I want to lead. 

Both pleasure and gratitude have very high vibrations which is the corner stone of manifestation. When using gratitude we often focus on previous memories or connection to nature to bring those feelings in your body and then redirect that gratitude and sensation to the intention being manifested. But the potency of potential lies in your ability to really bring that gratitude deep into your body. By contrast with sex magic you are physically arousing your body and creating that fire from within so the power is easier to pull from your body. The more time you take to adore your body and heart, the more energy you build until the magic is radiating out of your soul. This will be fully coached and you will have your body purring as we rev up the ritual. Together we will build the fire and unleash your magic drawing you desires to your reality.

Sex Magic Manifesting Package

3*90 minute session-  $750

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