This package is the  fast track to a shiny new you. We will push through all that is holding you back. Self touch or self love, this is a question of chicken or the egg. We can’t embrace all of ourselves without developing a loving relationship with ourselves AND our bodies.

Ever tried to lose weight because you want to look differently? How did that go?? Understanding resistance and the role discipline plays in how we face our goals is key to success. We will explore the push/pull theory of motivation and develop new strategies to design your dream life. Let me guide you through discovering and clearing limiting beliefs held in your mind and body.  It is the same strategy for any changes you wish to develop and grow.

You will fully connect to your body in a deeply loving way and embrace all of yourself. We WANT to fuel our bodies with love and acceptance. These self love practices introduce the stepping stones to finding the best you through loving the current you. Learn to trust and lean on yourself and recover from co-dependence or the need to outsource your joy or pleasure. Discover new ways to validate yourself and stop the hunt for outter confirmation of your value. Get real around your limiting beliefs and remove value conflicts. Learn to hear your inner knowing and create boundaries around your needs and desires. Change old stories, and self-defeating habits to clear the path to your purpose. Don’t know your purpose or life mission yet? We all have one let me help you clear that static in your mind and body to really hone in on what you are here on this planet for.

We will release the trauma in your body to access your pleasure which will in turn activate your empowerment and give you access to your heart to remove all the blocks.  You will feel your heart and intuition work in union to create the life you desire.  Your body holds all your truth, let me guide your guide you to that discovery.

Together we will hunt your shadows and befriend the darkness and fears that are within. We will dive deep into both how your cup is filled and create rituals around ensuring you know how to create that within yourself and for yourself. We will dive deep into the muscles and soft tissues of your body and release the fear, anger and resentment held within your body.

Establish a clear vision of your life and learn to use your own manifesting magic to attract your abundance.

Sessions can include, yoni eggs, self massage, reiki healing, dance, tantric activation exercises, meditation, yoga, wheel of consent, breathwork, aspecting, emotional release tools, mirror work, and sex magic or ritual activations.

12*90 minute coaching session + 3*120 bodywork session $5000

Ideally completed within a 5-6 month period but there is no expiration, after one year prices may need adjustment.  100% payable in advance. Or 3 payments, before session 1 and 4 and 7. 

Curious if that will work for you?