My personal self love journey really hit warp speed when I discovered the pleasure and joy held within my body working with a tantra therapist.  It  was from this empowered state I decided to shift my coaching practice to integrate tantric bodywork and physical sexual healing with my clients.  I flew to Israel and enrolled with the International school of temple arts to learn the art of healing through sexual empowerment.  Since then I have been catalyzing women to run towards their truth and embrace wholeness.

Bodywork is an opening into your body’s potential for pleasure: transmuting trauma, fear, pain and any emotional blockages held within.  You are more than your previously learned conditioning; pleasure and power run within everybody and a tantric massage is one of the beautiful keys to unlock it. Join at my studio in Whitby, Durham Region to experience your opening potential.

Yoni Massage

90 minute session-  $250

It is the journey into surrender to the pleasure of receiving fully, feel your heart open and your whole body begin to ground deeper and deeper

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yoni dearmouring

Yoni De-Armouring

120 minute session-  $350

A deeper physical and emotional clearing then the Yoni massage. The intention is one beyond pleasure but healing and breaking down of energetic blockages in and around your yoni. 

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orgasm discovery tantra therapy durham

Orgasm Discovery 

120 minute session-  $350

Closely following the Betty Dobson model of orgasm creation, seekers navigate their own bodies   Exploring themselves through prompts and suggestions, mapping their own erogenous zones and trigger points. 

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sex magic manifesting

Sex Magic Manifesting

3*90 minute session-  $750

Sex magic is tantra’s answer to manifesting with gratitude. Both pleasure and gratitude have very high vibrations which is the corner stone of manifestation.

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