Tantra Therapist & Self-Love Coach
Tantra Massage & Bodywork for Women

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Tantric Massage & Bodywork

Tantric massage for women can be therapeutic. From discovering and awakening pleasure locked within to releasing past trauma held in your body.

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Self-love Coaching

As a self-love coach I love empowering women to connect with their inner knowing and learn the tools to  start living their best life now, no more putting you off. 

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Goddess Workshops

Ritualized self love programs to deeply connect to yourself and learn to soothe and become loyal to yourself. 

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Yoni Massage

Often referred to as the happy ending massage, yoni massage is not only about reaching a goal or achieving climax. It is the journey into surrender.

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women orgasm discovery

Orgasm Discovery

Closely following the Betty Dobson model of orgasm creation, seekers navigate their own bodies with coaching and breath guidance.

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Sex Magic Manifesting

Learn to create the life that you desire through your sexual energy through sex magic manifesting.

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Why Now ?

The pussy holds more power than we were ever lead to believe!  Most of us were taught to silence our desires, everyone hates a slut (well no everyone J). As women we are shamed d reduced into pretty little boxes to fit into society’s expectations of us. Some of us dive deep into our masculine and become super powerful matching any man, or sweet soft people pleasers that are stifled.  Neither offers space to allow the full pleasure to be felt in our bodies! I coach women to embrace all of themselves through a mix of self-love coaching and tantric bodywork!

Clients work with me to discover their pleasure, some never having discovered their orgasmic power, others need to rid themselves of the shame they hold between their thighs.  And some just need to find their pussy’s voice!  Tantra bodywork clients can be seeking just to surrender in a safe space to receive the relaxing pleasure of being honoured and feel their body cherished and awakened with love.  Others have deep trauma blocking their energies and are in need of de-armouring and deep release in the musculature of their yoni through yoni massage.

 If you are not sure what you need, but know that you need to wake your pussy up? Know that you no longer want to live with the dark label of ‘low libido’ or live without the full pleasures of life? Lets do a discovery call and see what services best suit your needs.

daniella hines tantra therapist womens coach
Daniella Hines – Tantra & Self-Love Coaching For Women


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Want to feel like you can face anything?  AND THRIVE?

I offer free 30 minute discovery calls to see how learning to love yourself deeply, unconditionally will change your life.  Do you feel like an outsider? Disconnected from yourself or your partner? Are you overweight and feel like willpower is failing you?  Did you just go through a big transition and want to begin that new path feeling solid? Are you suffering from anxiety or depression? Have you never felt the power of your own orgasm? Or does it only happen when you are alone?  Do you want to unleash all that’s inside with confidence and run full force at life? Contact me today.