“if every child in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world in one generation”
Dalai Lama

Having 3 young children, then discovering the little pretzels yoga training method changed the way I parent.  Teaching through play allowed for a freedom of connection that takes me to their level to see what they see and build and create based upon their needs.

Yoga classes are one hour in length and focus on themes from Kindness to loving our planet to mindfulness all wrapped in fun movement that allows for expression and passion to flow. Your children will develop a deeper body awareness and connection to others while letting their sillies out and discovering the joy and contrast of peaceful moments.

Reiki for Children

I have been practicing Reiki on my own children since I started this journey learning my Level 1!  In doing this I have found many different ways to practice this art. With Adults, it is a serene experience laying on the table, I am able to focus my mind and energy, creating clear pathways for the energy.   With Children I am in a different more active state, we talk and sometimes sing, the happier the child, the bigger the smile, the more laughter, the more contentment, the more they will relax, release and consciously receive and appreciate the healing. I ask them if they’d like to include crystals in their treatment and if they say yes, I ask them to select a few that they like the best. Kids intuitively sense what they like and what feels good. They often even know when the crystals are done – and hand them to me telling me so! Or like my daughter they put them in their pockets knowing they will want more later. If your child has a special toy – a stuffed animal or doll – that they love, invite their toy into the Reiki treatment. Often children will feel safer with these happy companions by their side.  Parents are invited to stay for treatments or wait outside depending on everyone’s comfort.

Reiki’s ability to heal and clear energy has beautiful results in children, a diagnoses of ADHD, cancer, the emotional trauma of divorce or death of a loved one can be devastating for children. Tools to work through releasing those dense energies can eliminate the creation of deep energy blockages carried though life.